Microstrip X-ray Detectors for Synchrotron Facilities

MYTHEN detector systems have transformed powder diffraction, giving it another dimension: time. MYTHEN2 X detectors fully exploit this exciting new domain, launching the era of time-resolved and in-situ studies. Renowned for its narrow strip size and sharp point-spread function, the MYTHEN2 X family introduces unprecedented frame rates at the highest dynamic range, and pushes the limits of energy range.

The Detector Control System (DCS4) with electronic gating and an external trigger allows for tailor-made multi-modular solutions and full detector synchronization with other systems. The time dimension does not compromise data quality or system flexibility. From in-situ stress measurements to fast phase transitions, MYTHEN2 X is deepening the detail level observed in solid-state reactions.


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MYTHEN2 X Brochure Adobe PDF, ca. 870.6 KB

Key Advantages

  • No readout noise or dark current
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio from 4 to 40 keV
  • Frame rate 1000 Hz at 24-bit dynamic range
  • Paramount resolution with the 50 μm wide strip
  • Two module sizes: 1280 and 640 strips
  • Multi-modular operation for a wide angular coverage
  • Easy control through WebClient, Socket connection or SPEC


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