MYTHEN2 R 1D detectors present perfection in a series scale. These are the smallest detectors in DECTRIS’ portfolio that embody all privileges of HPC and single-photon counting technologies.

With its 640 strips, this detector series not only provides smaller dimensions (and price), but also extends the performance at low energies. The perfect balance between the new 4 mm strip length and 320 μm sensor thickness ensures maximal quantum efficiency and optimal signal-to-noise ratios for energies as low as 4 keV. Ideally suited for stress mapping and wavelength dispersive spectroscopic studies, its 1 kHz frame rates and high spatial resolution can also be exploited in fast scanning diffraction measurements and X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy.

Specifications MYTHEN2 X 1D

Sensor thickness [μm] 320, 450
Strip width [μm] 50
Strip length [mm] 8 (450 μm only) and 4 (320 μm only)
Dynamic range [bit] 24
Energy range [keV] 4 - 40
Readout time [μs] 89
Frame rate [Hz] 1000
Point-spread function [strip] 1
Energy resolution1 (rms) [eV] 687 ± 5
Cooling Air
Module dimensions (W x H x D) [mm³] 36 x 62 x 22
Module weight [g] 100
DCS4 dimensions (WHD) [mm³] 110 x 30 x 160
DCS4 weight [g] 400


All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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