The basic design of the MYTHEN2 X module fully interprets the meaning of a synchrotron source: high flux, tunability, speed. Its 1280 strips in several sensor thicknesses provide maximum efficiency and an excellent spatial resolution throughout a wide energy range, and the new Detector Controlling System allows a frame rate of 1000 Hz to be achieved even for four modules simultaneously operated at 24-bit dynamic range. MYTHEN2 X systems are the perfect match for both multi-purpose and specialized beamlines that can bring a new meaning to time-resolved and high-throughput diffraction, (total) scattering and spectroscopic measurements.

For users who require large systems that comprise more than four modules, DECTRIS offers specific solutions where MYTHEN modules with 1280 strips are offered as bare modules with or without a specific housing.

Specifications MYTHEN2 X 1K

Sensor thickness [μm] 320, 450, 1000
Strip width [μm] 50
Strip length [mm] 8
Dynamic range [bit] 24
Energy range [keV] 5 - 40
Readout time [μs] 89
Frame rate [Hz] 1000
Point-spread function [strip] 1
Energy resolution1 (rms) [eV] 687 ± 5
Cooling Air
Module dimensions (W x H x D) [mm³] 70 x 62 x 22
Module weight [g] 180
DCS4 dimensions (WHD) [mm³] 110 x 30 x 160
DCS4 weight [g] 400


All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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