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Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS)

Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS) probes crystalline and partially-ordered samples down to their atom-atom spacing. It is readily combined with Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), even when using the same photon-counting detector.

As a technique that is complementary to SAXS, WAXS extends the length scale at which a sample can be investigated – down to interatomic distances. Performed either simultaneously or interchangeably with SAXS, this approach carries strict demands for an X-ray detector. Ideally, the same system should fulfill the needs of both techniques; it should offer noise-free performance, a high dynamic range, stable measurements, and extremely short readouts.

This challenge was met by photon-counting detectors: with their count rate of 1e7 photons/s/pixel and cosmic background of 0.1 counts/h/pixel, they achieve a dynamic range of above 1e11. While these features certainly benefit static experiments, the quantum efficiency and readout time allow researchers to investigate dynamic or in-situ processes as well. Extra features include vacuum compatibility and an option to have custom-made detectors designed.

  • A high dynamic range captures SAXS and WAXS signals, either simultaneously or interchangeably.
  • Our wide detector portfolio satisfies any experimental geometry.
  • Our detectors offer stable calibration files and stable operation.

WAXS at Synchrotron Sources

  • Our detectors are used for both SAXS and WAXS (SWAXS): : one control and data interface for both detectors.
  • Advanced gating and triggering functions enable precise synchronization during experiments.
  • We offer special solutions and custom geometries for ideal SAXS/WAXS detector pairing.

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WAXS in Laboratories

  • Obtain accurate data thanks to noise-free performance and a high dynamic range.
  • Our detectors offer comprehensive correction files and stable operations.
  • Suppress zingers with the second threshold of EIGER2 detectors.

Most Frequently Used Products in Laboratories

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