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X-ray Crystallography // 23.05.2023

May 19, 2023 was the 109th anniversary of Max Perutz’s birth. Who was he, and how did he contribute to identifying the first protein using X-rays?

// 04.05.2023

DECTRIS renews strong connections with the Chinese scientific community and distributors by visiting them in person after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Corporate news // 08.03.2023

Thoughts on the International Women’s Day from a DECTRIS female scientist

Interviews // 02.03.2023

A talk with Rolf Bachmann, Electrical Engineer at DECTRIS

Electron microscopy // 10.02.2023

Learn about the inner workings of the electron microscopy facilities at the PSI in this interview with Dr. Elisabeth Müller and Dr. Emiliya Poghosyan!

Electron microscopy // 18.01.2023

What does it mean to develop for the scientific community?

Electron microscopy // 19.10.2022

Crème de la crème of Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS)

Electron microscopy // 20.09.2022

What does Ptychography bring to the table, and how can we benefit from it? 

Featured labs // 27.07.2022

A custom-made diffractometer, built through collaborative engineering, takes us from the synchrotron to the lab.

Electron microscopy // 25.07.2022
Explore this interview with Benedikt Haas, the first DECTRIS ELA user!