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Corporate news // 13.08.2020
Discover virtually everything: a new XRF lab spectrometer, Rembrandt, a portable θ-θ diffractometer, additive manufacturing, and our great partners!
Success Stories // 10.08.2020
Award-winning research on dynamic in situ single crystal diffraction.
Product updates // 07.08.2020
Exploiting the brilliance and coherence of the fourth-generation synchrotron with EIGER2 detectors in a large variety of applications.
Corporate news // 15.07.2020
Read Shpejtim’s story about his DECTRIS apprenticeship and more.
Success Stories // 10.06.2020
An interview with Benjamin Lüthi about DECTRIS’ journey toward its 100th specific solution.
Success Stories // 26.05.2020
139 out of 160 known coronavirus protein structures were solved with DECTRIS X-ray detectors. We are proud to see our technology in action in the fight against COVID-19, like in the project by the scientists at DESY. Watch their video report.
Featured beamlines // 22.04.2020
A treat for all senses: the BioSAXS beamline presents its EIGER X 9M in words, videos, animation and music...
Corporate news // 20.03.2020
As governments direct resources to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, we at DECTRIS also have clear goals.
Corporate news // 20.03.2020
Creative, out-of-the-box, novel, groundbreaking, relevant…Your work deserves to be seen. Apply now for the DECTRIS Award 2020.
// 24.02.2020
DECTRIS draws three vouchers for rock-climbing experience in the Croatian mountains for researchers presenting at EPDIC17.