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X-ray Crystallography
Featured beamlines // 22.01.2024

Discover the MX group members’ journey of integrating a DECTRIS PILATUS4 detector into their beamline control system at the Swiss Light Source (SLS). Learn about the remarkably smooth integration, minimal effort, and great user experience! 

Featured beamlines // 14.12.2022

Today, we formally announce that PILATUS3 will have a successor: next summer, we will officially launch PILATUS4.

Success Stories // 19.05.2022
Dr. Na Li at Shanghai Synchrotron wins the DECTRIS award for her work on drug development
Featured beamlines // 25.10.2021
The MSPD beamline continues to perform its PXRD and PDF measurements with a new, multi-modular MYTHEN2 detector.
Featured beamlines // 16.07.2021
Dr. Michael Hanfland discusses extreme condition experiments at ID15B beamline at ESRF.
Featured beamlines // 14.07.2021
Scientists, diplomats and UNESCO representatives inaugurate the Materials Science beamline.
Featured beamlines // 12.05.2021
Dr. Jonathan Wright from the ESRF shares his first experiences with one of our EIGER2 X CdTe 4M detectors.
Featured beamlines // 22.04.2020
A treat for all senses: the BioSAXS beamline presents its EIGER X 9M in words, videos, animation and music...

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