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News // 26.11.2021
Swiss Employer Award 2021 recognizes DECTRIS – again!
News // 25.10.2021
The MSPD beamline continues to perform its PXRD and PDF measurements with a new, multi-modular MYTHEN2 detector.
News // 04.10.2021
MicroED and standard Electron Diffraction (ED) techniques make similar use of the resolving power of electrons, but with unique differences.
News // 27.09.2021
DECTRIS is celebrating its 15th anniversary. What did we achieve and what new horizons do we have our eyes on?
News // 24.09.2021
In a series of webinars, we brought you the best of high-energy research with CdTe detectors. Today we share with you our CdTe journey.
News // 16.09.2021
Your quick guide to the history and the present of direct electron detectors.
News // 09.08.2021
From product manager of Specific Solutions to the head of the sales team: this physicist knows how to help customers.
News // 02.08.2021
Gatan-DECTRIS Stela hybrid-pixel camera for 4D STEM dazzles the jury.
News // 21.07.2021
Carlo Amato (DFKZ) discusses HPC technology for material decomposition of multiple contrast agents.
News // 14.07.2021
Scientists, diplomats and UNESCO representatives inaugurate the Materials Science beamline.