08. November 2017

IUCr - DECTRIS delivers full experience

What would be a reasonable time span before looking back on an event as overwhelming as the IUCr Congress? At this point, you have probably dealt with your swelled-beyond-the recognition inbox, so you just might be ready for an IUCr refresher.

Remember how you tried to optimize your time between 125 microsymposia, 36 key notes, 3 plenary lectures, numerous discussion panels and workshops? And many of you added our new technology launch to the list. Probably there were points when you thought that optimization methods based on classical mechanics are bound to completely fail. But, you made it through the IUCr maze.

We managed, as well. To listen to many amazing lectures. To contribute to the scientific program with four talks, two posters, and two panels about education in crystallography. And to give you EIGER2. However, all this was only because of tremendous support and enthusiasm of our colleagues, collaborators, partners, and users. You. And being able to thank you was a true highlight of the conference for us.

The DECTRIS Indian Night was a special event, a specific solution where science and technology were united with Bollywood and drama. We burned a couple of thousand calories by dancing the night away. Got flooded by a monsoon rain and stuck in traffic. Waded our way back to the hotel. And collected the data on the event at high frame rates (not reaching 9000 Hz though).

Now, we have reduced and compressed the data on more than 400 guests, two groups of artists, millions of dance steps, thousand snapshots, and a variety of food and drinks in a manageable number of photographs. Neatly structured in standing, sitting and dancing folders, your favorite high-resolution image is easy to locate.

Yes, you can count on us.

To deliver a true, full and original experience, to operate under the extreme conditions, to keep the fastest pace, and to be the last man standing.

Yes, and we can count on you.

Thank you all for being there! And keep your eyes open for the upcoming events.