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Success Stories
Success Stories // 10.11.2021
Electron microscopy experts share their outlooks on hybrid-pixel technology and its impact on the field.
Success Stories // 16.07.2021
Dr. Michael Hanfland discusses extreme condition experiments at ID15B beamline at ESRF.
Success Stories // 08.02.2021
Prof. Spingler tells us about his research, the crystallography service lab, some samples, and PILATUS3
Success Stories // 10.12.2020
With over 30 Nobel Prizes to its credit, what makes crystallography so successful? These seven stories will make the answer crystal clear.
Success Stories // 08.11.2020
To improve the diagnosis of crystal-related arthropathies (CRAs), PD Dr. Guggenberger and Dr. Huber from the Radiology Department of the University Hospital Zurich, along with coworkers, pursue a new approach using conventional radiography and photon-counting X-ray detectors.
Success Stories // 28.10.2020
Fast and affordable synchrotron PXRD measurements of industrial scale volumes of samples? Mineralogist and entrepreneur Jarkko Stenman tells how.
Success Stories // 14.08.2020
NION puts DECTRIS’ hybrid-pixel detector to the test to push the boundaries of Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS).
Success Stories // 30.06.2020
What is plasma physics and what do X-rays detectors have to do with it? We have interviewed Luis Delgado-Aparicio from the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) to find out more.
Success Stories // 10.06.2020
An interview with Benjamin Lüthi about DECTRIS’ journey toward its 100th specific solution.
Success Stories // 27.02.2020
With the new coronavirus threatening to go pandemic, structural biology lays the foundations for vaccines and therapeutics.