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Electron microscopy // 16.09.2021
Your quick guide to the history and the present of direct electron detectors.
Medical // 21.07.2021
Carlo Amato (DFKZ) discusses HPC technology for material decomposition of multiple contrast agents.
Interviews // 11.02.2021
To celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, our Scientific Liaison, Dr. Dubravka Šišak Jung, shares her career path
X-ray imaging // 15.01.2021
This multibeam setup enables a better signal-to-noise ratio, a depth resolved image of an object and high-resolution micro-tomographic scans without sample translations
X-ray diffraction // 10.12.2020
With over 30 Nobel Prizes to its credit, what makes crystallography so successful? These seven stories will make the answer crystal clear.
X-ray imaging // 19.11.2020
Interested to know what ptychography can do for you and an expert's view on the future?
// 10.11.2020
The role of science in society and its impact in our lives: health, energy and education.
Medical // 08.11.2020
To improve the diagnosis of crystal-related arthropathies (CRAs), PD Dr. Guggenberger and Dr. Huber from the Radiology Department of the University Hospital Zurich, along with coworkers, pursue a new approach using conventional radiography and photon-counting X-ray detectors.
// 17.10.2020
Some biology behind the Nobel prize in chemistry: a story on noticing something peculiar in bacteria, on understanding what it is, and extending it to do something else.
Electron microscopy // 14.08.2020

NION puts DECTRIS’ hybrid-pixel detector to the test to push the boundaries of Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS).