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Inauguration of the Materials Science beamline at SESAME

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The Materials Science beamline started hosting users in 2020. The beamline supports powder X-ray diffraction and single-crystal diffraction studies and it is equipped with a PILATUS 300K X-ray detector.  

8 th of July 2021, Alan (Jordan) / Baden (Switzerland)

A hybrid event, organizied by the Swiss Embassy in Jordan, welcomed international scientists, diplomats, entrepreneurs and UNESCO representatives to inaugurate the Materials Science beamline at the SESAME synchrotron source (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East).

SESAME source started as an international cooperation of scientists and governments to ensure resources and donations to build a research center in the Middle East. Switzerland joined the project as an observer country in 2010, and since then has been involved in technical and educational support of the synchrotron source, particularly Materials Science (MS) beamline. The MS project started with two donations: the MS X04SA beamline of the Swiss Light Source in 2011, and an X-ray detector from DECTRIS in 2016.

“Every success starts with a dream”, Dr. Mahmoud Abdellatief, principal scientist at the MS beamline, stated at the beginning of his talk. ”I have been working on the re-design and reassembly of the MS beamline since 2015, and this inauguration is a dream come true. I am particularly happy about the first scientific paper published by our users”, he concluded.

“We are extremely happy to see that this project is enabling scientific exchange and collaboration in the region and beyond. In the name of DECTRIS, I wish you lots of success in creating exciting scientific results and technological breakthroughs that will advance collaborations, research, as well as business opportunities”, commented Christian Brönnimann, CEO of DECTRIS.

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