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X-ray Crystallography
Corporate news // 05.12.2016
DECTRIS is proud to introduce the EIGER X 500K. With frame rates up to 9000 Hz, it is the fastest HPC detector.
Corporate news // 01.12.2016
The DECTRIS application and training lab opens for intramural research and collaborations with interested ...
Corporate news // 14.11.2016
The Dutch Crystallographic Society invited experts to review how these groundbreaking equations and their ...
Corporate news // 28.10.2016
DECTRIS held its second Sales Workshop for OEM partners at the end of October. After concentrating on area detectors at ...
Corporate news // 28.09.2016
Last weekend, DECTRIS employees and their families gathered with users and partners to celebrate the tenth anniversary ...
Corporate news // 23.07.2016
DECTRIS introduces the PILATUS3 R CdTe detector series for high-energy X-ray applications in the laboratory at the ACA ...
Corporate news // 24.06.2016
The first workshop for OEM partners was held at DECTRIS new premises and was much appreciated by all participants.
Corporate news // 03.06.2016
DECTRIS is delighted to announce Beijing Unite Technology Limited as our main partner for sales and support in China.
Corporate news // 13.04.2016
Baden/Jyväskylä, April 2016: Stresstech Oy and DECTRIS Ltd. announce an agreement for the supply of Hybrid ...
Corporate news // 27.01.2016
DECTRIS is pleased to announce the partnership with Titan Electro-Optics Co., Ltd. (TEO) - as one of our main ...

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