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X-ray Crystallography
Corporate news // 26.11.2021
Swiss Employer Award 2021 recognizes DECTRIS – again!
Corporate news // 27.09.2021
DECTRIS is celebrating its 15th anniversary. What did we achieve and what new horizons do we have our eyes on?
Corporate news // 09.08.2021
From product manager of Specific Solutions to the head of the sales team: this physicist knows how to help customers.
Corporate news // 06.07.2021
CTO Matthias Schneebeli to become DECTRIS CEO; founder Christian Brönnimann remains board chairman
Corporate news // 09.01.2021
Swiss company DECTRIS Ltd. launches a subsidiary in Japan to assure the best possible customer service and support.
Corporate news // 16.11.2020
Employee culture: (one of) DECTRIS’ most important assets
Corporate news // 13.08.2020
Discover virtually everything: a new XRF lab spectrometer, Rembrandt, a portable θ-θ diffractometer, additive manufacturing, and our great partners!
Corporate news // 15.07.2020
Read Shpejtim’s story about his DECTRIS apprenticeship and more.
Corporate news // 20.03.2020
As governments direct resources to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, we at DECTRIS also have clear goals.
Corporate news // 20.03.2020
Creative, out-of-the-box, novel, groundbreaking, relevant…Your work deserves to be seen. Apply now for the DECTRIS Award 2020.

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