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X-ray Crystallography
Corporate news // 30.11.2017
DECTRIS wins the Prix SVC Northern Switzerland, the most important prize for SMEs in Switzerland.
Corporate news // 30.11.2017

High resolution in situ PXRD studies in a lab? In two shots, please! When it comes to the tailored design of organic materials, inducing a physical or a chemical change with non-ambient conditions is a hot topic. Not only does this provide new paths for exploring the energy landscape, but it also allows chemistry to be green. In situ monitoring of temperature, pressure or mechanically induced phase transformations is the ultimate dream, as it provides exact information about the conditions at which a certain phase occurs [1,2].

Corporate news // 16.11.2017
The DECTRIS Marketing and Sales is pleased to welcome Nicolas Pilet as Account Manager Specific Solutions in the team.
Corporate news // 16.11.2017
We are happy to announce that Johannes Durzok joined us on October 16th as Head of Sales.
Success Stories // 15.11.2017
Fully automated beamline MASSIF-1 at the ESRF is democratizing data collection by letting small groups succeed with big ...
Corporate news // 08.11.2017
Are ten weeks a reasonable time span before looking back on an event as overwhelming as the IUCr Congress? Sure. You ...
Success Stories // 30.10.2017
DESY, Hamburg, now owns a unique high-energy X-ray detector with holes. This first customized CdTe detector from DECTRIS
Corporate news // 26.10.2017
Nearly half of the 8292 X-ray structures released by the PDB so far this year are based on PILATUS data. The rise of ...
Corporate news // 13.09.2017
Image each photon at its true color - High quality and precision imaging leads us to the heart of every X-ray imaging ...
Success Stories // 12.09.2017
The Barkla X-ray Laboratory of Biophysics at the University of Liverpool is home to the first EIGER R 4M operated on a ...

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