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X-ray Crystallography
Corporate news // 23.08.2017
DECTRIS launches the new EIGER2 R 500K HPC detector featuring small pixels, large active area, and dual energy ...
Corporate news // 23.08.2017
The EIGER2 X detector series combines the advantages of the PILATUS3 retrigger functionality with the high spatial ...
Success Stories // 21.08.2017
To efficiently develop new active pharmaceutical ingredients and obtain approval, researchers require the exact ...
Corporate news // 25.05.2017
DECTRIS USA is approaching. We are preparing the setup and offices in Philadelphia. DECTRIS USA will support our ...
Corporate news // 25.05.2017
Pascal Hofer moves to Philadelphia and Sascha Grimm takes over his position as Head of Support & Commissioning. He ...
Corporate news // 18.05.2017
The whole world congratulates. A long obstacle race that featured collapsed roof, (non)diplomatic relations, banking ...
Corporate news // 29.03.2017
The 10,000th structure determined with PILATUS data has been released by the PDB. Nicholas Pearce wins a trip for two ...
Corporate news // 23.03.2017
If you determined your structure with PILATUS data and have it released by the PDB next week, you might be the lucky ...
Corporate news // 14.03.2017
NEGGIA, the first plugin for XDS, enables direct and highly efficient reading of EIGER HDF5 data for accelerated ...
Success Stories // 02.02.2017
In 2016, PILATUS and EIGER users determined more wonderful structures than ever before. In this compilation of your ...

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